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Is Your Food Pro-Life?

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Probiotic means "pro life" (as apposed to antibiotic which means "against life"). We are being marketed probiotics aggressively and though they are naturally created in some foods,they are "enriching" many foods such as chocolate and juice. Here's what you need to know about this heavily hyped "nutrient."

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Probiotics Are Good Bacteria
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There are about 3-5 pounds of bacteria that live in our gut - the good and bad kind. The good bacteria help us digest food and fight illness. Probiotics are microorganisms, many of which are the same as our good bacteria. Fermented and cultured foods contain them. The belief (and marketing pitch) is that consuming them can help with digestion and overall health.

By the way, this photo is not of bacteria. Bacteria is microscopic and does not look like piles of sand. This is an artistic, interpretive image of bacteria.

Learn more about probiotics here.

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