09/26/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Interfaith Meeting Protesters Ejected

At the Democratic National Convention interfaith service both secular and fundamentalist protesters were ejected from the service.

One of the protesters tossed from the service said "She (the leader of the service) said these are all people of faith. I'm not a person of faith. She doesn't speak for me.

"The Democratic Party is supposed to be a party of all the people and you're holding a religious service for people of faith. You go to a Democratic function and they tell you you're a person of faith. Well I'm not a person of faith. I believe in the constitution."

Ted Fritschel, who helped organize the faith group noted that the group's mission statement says Athiest and Agnostics have as much freedom in action as anybody else.

Protesters who oppose abortion were removed from the service when they stood up and began shouting.

Video by Noah Kunin and Salimah Ebrahim