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Chris Kelly

What Don't We Get About Donald Trump's Humor?

Chris Kelly | November 28, 2015 | Comedy
Donald Trump is catching a certain amount of flack in the gotcha media this week for an act of satirical pantomimicry he performed, imitating a man with a congenital musculoskeletal disorder. I'm not sure if it will help or hurt Trump's political chances. It would be grossly insincere for me...
James Dorsey

Breeding intolerance: Turkish soccer fans disrespect Islamic State victims

James Dorsey | November 28, 2015 | World
By James M. Dorsey Turkish fans twice in two months disrupted moments of silence for victims of Islamic State attacks in Ankara and Paris in a demonstration of the kind of intolerance bred by religiously-cloaked authoritarianism in countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The fans demonstrative empathy with the Islamic...
William Bradley

Anti-Isis "Grand Alliance" Derails in Wake of Russian Jet Downing and Quick Revival of Business-As-Usual

William Bradley | November 27, 2015 | Politics
In the wake of the shocking terrorist attacks on Paris, French President Francois Hollande embarked on a round of high-level summitry at the start of the week just past to create an effective new "grand alliance" to defeat Isis. But his venture, already meeting a disappointing "more of the same"...
Linnie Frank Bailey

Celebrating Sixty!

Linnie Frank Bailey | November 28, 2015 | Fifty
In addition to enjoying my 60th birthday on November 28th, I'm going to celebrate the entire year by getting to know 60 people a whole lot better. A 60th birthday is indeed something to pause and acknowledge because not everybody makes it, and some that do haven't done much during...
The National Book Review

Review: Blogging Death, and Searching for Meaning in a Painful Decline

The National Book Review | November 27, 2015 | Books
The following review first appeared in The National Book Review We Know How This Ends: Living While Dying By Bruce Kramer with Cathy Wurzer Univ. of Minnesota Press 208 pp. $22.95 By Jim Swearingen When Bruce Kramer, a Minnesota professor of education, was diagnosed with...
Regina Weinreich

Lunch with Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling at The Four Seasons: The Big Short

Regina Weinreich | November 27, 2015 | Entertainment
If you are going to celebrate a movie following a group of guys who make a lot of money, The Four Seasons is a good place to be. So it seemed as director Adam McKay, his stars Brad Pitt and Ryan ...
John Zipperer

Week to Week News Quiz for 11/27/15

John Zipperer | November 27, 2015 | San Francisco
While everyone else injures themselves trying to buy a discount blu-ray player, try your hand at our latest Week to Week news quiz and see what really makes the world go around. Here are some random but real hints: LOL; fellow Democrat Jackie Speiers agreed; making anti-social media; and and...
Joe Peyronnin

CIA in the Crosshairs

Joe Peyronnin | November 27, 2015 | Entertainment
"The world is on the edge of eruption," former CIA Director George Tenet recalls as he arranged for an emergency meeting at the White House with National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice on July 10, 2001. Cofer Black, the Director of the CIA's Counterterrorist Center and Rich Blee, accompanied Tenet. Tenet...
Nikolas Kozloff

Message to Bernie: Stop Frittering Away Your Political Revolution

Nikolas Kozloff | November 27, 2015 | Politics
After an energetic and dynamic summer, the Bernie Sanders campaign seems to have stalled. With the Benghazi hearings behind her and the e-mail scandal receding, at least for the time being, Hillary Clinton has regained political momentum and much of the pundit class has returned to its usual establishment mantra...
Robert Scheer

Dennis Kucinich: An Unpredictable American Original

Robert Scheer | November 27, 2015 | Politics
This week's episode of KCRWs "Scheer Intelligence" features Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer in conversation with Dennis Kucinich, Ohio's eight-term congressman and two-time Democratic presidential candidate, who reveals tales about the underbelly of politics going back to his days as the "Boy Mayor" of Cleveland on the late 1970s. The journalist...
Karin Hitselberger

What I Am Thankful for as a Disabled Woman

Karin Hitselberger | November 27, 2015 | Women
When I think of all the things I have to be thankful for I smile and my heart overflows with joy because I realize how each and every one of these things has revolutionized my life and made me into the person I am today.
Melissa Levis


Melissa Levis | November 27, 2015 | Women
I'm spending Thanksgiving differently this year. It's very quiet at our Vermont country inn, the first year in 28 years that we haven't served Thanksgiving dinner. Dad loved hosting the holiday. It was the perfect excuse for him to miss Thanksgiving with his in-laws at the Wasserstein Thanksgiving in Manhattan.
Marcia Liss

The Scale Weighs In

Marcia Liss | November 27, 2015 | Comedy
Paul Janes-Brown

A Thanksgiving Disaster

Paul Janes-Brown | November 27, 2015 | Comedy
It was one of the greatest Thanksgivings of my life. The reason for us being there was all but forgotten because we were at The Metropole. Secretly, I hoped my mom would screw up the next Thanksgiving too.
Christopher Brauchli

Moore, Gays and Alabama

Christopher Brauchli | November 27, 2015 | Politics
Roy Moore is back in the news, accompanied by all but one of his colleagues on the Alabama Supreme Court and by Judge Marvin Wiggins, a Circuit Court Judge in rural Alabama. It all comes about because of their approach to the law.
Marc Hershon

Podcast Review: Nerd Poker "Farewell...For Now"

Marc Hershon | November 27, 2015 | Entertainment
For the past three years, listeners had the chance to listen in on a Dungeons & Dragons adventure as played by a bunch of comedians and writers who were not only all friends of the host but only took the famed role playing game serious enough to bring them together each week.
John Seed

Grace Hartigan: Works From 1960-65 at the X Contemporary Art Fair, Miami

John Seed | November 27, 2015 | Arts
Grace Hartigan, whose work played the range between abstraction and representation once told an interviewer: "Now as before it is the vulgar and the vital and the possibility of its transformation into the beautiful which continues to challenge and fascinate me."
Ira Kalb

Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

Ira Kalb | November 27, 2015 | Business
These short attention spans are being divided among an increasing number of media channels and choices. What's a marketer to do?
James Stafford

Shell Forced to Scale Back Ambitions

James Stafford | November 27, 2015 | Business
As with most oil companies, 2015 has been a rough year for Royal Dutch Shell. Then Anglo-Dutch company reported a third quarter loss of $6 billion, which included $7.9 billion in impairment charges.
Robert S. McElvaine

Trump to Star in Remake of 1970 Film

Robert S. McElvaine | November 27, 2015 | Entertainment
A source that wishes to remain anonymous has indicated to this reporter that Donald Trump will be starring in a remake of a famous 1970 romance. The original, which is considered one the most tear-producing movies of all time, starred Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal.