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Country Music, Slice Diamonds and Strong Women

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So, Miranda Lambert is a tomboy who likes her stray dogs, her 1955 red pickup truck and her diamonds...not necessarily in that order, if you saw her Wednesday night at the Country Music Awards wearing Jordan Alexander diamond slice earrings!

Even as a trained classical pianist, I have eclectic tastes in music. But the truth is, I don't think I've ever switched on the CMA Awards until last week. And I wouldn't have then, except I got an email from the office telling me to TURN ON THE TV, MIRANDA LAMBERT IS WEARING YOUR JEWELRY!

After grabbing the remote and informing the household that the normal world needed to stop right now, I perched on the couch and made a few phone calls: "Girlfriends, everybody, WATCH!" I'm sure I sounded like a 12-year-old at a slumber party, but they seemed equally giddy.

When Miranda walked down the aisle, she looked positively regal, the 2,000 black diamond Swarovski crystals on her custom-made Haute Hippie gown sparkling in the spotlight, as did the Jordan Alexander diamond slice earrings that swayed a bit as she walked, just as I'd envisioned.

I'm so proud of that design. The slices of diamond, about the size of your fingernail, dangle inside the hoops for a very vintage look. And on each hand, she wore a ring from our brand new Slice collection, just out: One, a white pearl slice, and the other, a quartz.

I was also proud to be part of an ensemble with Haute Hippie, because we share a sensibility of style that is glamorous without being snooty, elegant with a little bit of edge, or, as I've described Jordan Alexander before, hippie luxe.

And finally, I was proud to be associated with a singer at the top of her game--a strong woman, a happy newlywed, who as a young girl was temporarily homeless when the family business fell on hard times. To think of what she must have gone through, and to see her where she is now, fills me with awe, as empowered women always do.

Which brings me back to country music: I've already admitted I'm not a huge "down home country" fan, but I do enjoy music by some of the new generation of women in that genre whose songs and personas project a grounded, inner confidence. It's clear they won't be standing by their man unless he's also standing by them. You won't hear them whining and pining if they get dumped.

Like hilarious foot-stomping songs by Kelly Clarkson who rakes over the coals all the men she has left; she cracks me up. Or Mindy McCready, who makes it very clear that she won't record a song at odds with her personal values, and for that reason, has become a symbol of woman strength. Or Carrie Underwood, who gave him something to think about next time before he cheats. Sorry about that trouble with the car, bud!

And of course, Miranda Lambert, who you won't find hanging out at the baggage claim. She's got better things to do with her time and talent.

What these country artists are doing-- driving the music industry in a new direction--is what I want to do with Jordan Alexander in the fashion industry. When I presented my concept for the Slice collection and was told nothing like this has ever been done before, I was incredulous...and then I had to restrain myself from attempting a cartwheel!

More personally, I want to live my life with that kind of fearlessness all the time, because I've learned that when I do, I am never sorry. Or, as Miranda sings in "New Strings," "I guess if you don't jump, you'll never know if you can fly." And flying is much more fun.