09/29/2011 11:03 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Finding Inspiration

Fall is finally here and it's so beautiful. I adore the crisp mornings and the golden afternoons. Like everyone else eagerly awaiting the approaching cooler temperatures and the first opportunity to wear that new black leather skirt hanging in the closet, I too have a number of outfits that I've been waiting patiently to wear. And if I'm being really honest, leggings and sweaters are a wonderful relief to the show-all styles of the summer. However, I'm also thinking ahead to the warmer days of spring, the designs that will be the must-haves six months into the future, and how I want to shape the next phase of the Jordan Alexander collection.

Right now, I'm working on the Jordan Alexander spring collection in LA - one of my favorite places on Earth. I love being here and being inspired by the beauty that surrounds me - not just the physical beauty of the city, but more so by the beauty of these people. I work with some incredible individuals here that never cease to amaze me. My inspiration is fed by the creative synergy that develops between us as I design with the craftsmen who bring my visions and sketches to fruition. It's a give-and-take relationship that makes me stronger every time I design. I take each lesson learned from past experiences into the studio with me so that my collection improves and matures as it grows. What's life if we aren't learning? Maybe the bigger question is - what's life without inspiration?

Everyone is inspired by something. For me, inspiration comes when I am really still and honest with myself - whether it is being honest about how to deal with a relationship issue, or how to be a better mother, or how to be absolutely true to my sense of aesthetic in jewelry design. I have to avoid listening to all the voices telling me how I ought to design and, instead, be brave enough to be original. One of my go-to books in life is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It is an enchanting little book about a shepherd boy searching for his treasure and his dreams. For me, it holds enormous wisdom about following one's heart. I know fashion seems like an unexpected springboard to talk about life and wisdom. But, if you are reading this, I would encourage you to listen to your heart, be brave, and don't be afraid to dream.

When I'm working, I have to continually connect with that which inspires me and follow its guide. Today, I experimented with pearls and tassels in a mixture of materials that were unique and gorgeous to me. It was fun and organic, and I love the direction in which my design is heading. Inspiration is all around and my creative juices are boiling over!

Fashion Week recently ended and I am overwhelmed by the incredible work that was presented. I am so inspired by other designers and their work. I wonder what processes they go through while designing and if they, like I, become devoured by the creative adrenaline that results from being totally immersed in creating something. Is their process an organized, Zen-like approach, or a blue-sky, create-in-the-moment style? Mine's both.

While I never know exactly where my inspirations will lead me until the collection is complete, I'm currently envisioning something new for spring that builds upon my original use of pearls. Whatever it becomes, the final product will be the result of the synergy of my creativity and desire to create an amazing collection that you will love.

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