11/07/2011 10:20 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Editor Previews

This week, I've been in New York meeting with editors to debut the Jordan Alexander Spring 2012 collection. It is so exciting to present my work to editors at some of the most influential
publications in the fashion industry. It's been fun and nerve-wracking to reveal what
I think is my best work yet - and it's been so great to see that the careers of many of the editors I have met with over the past several months have developed as much as my designs have.

Each morning, I do the Carrie Bradshaw thing and put on great shoes with really high heels - heels make you feel successful before you've even hit the street - ready to run from meeting to meeting in an effort to propel the line to the next level of success. In a matter of a few days, I've met with accessories and fine jewelry editors at Women's Wear Daily, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Departures, W Magazine, Elite Traveler, Robb Report, Vogue and Marie Claire. By now, I have visited a number of these editors on more than one occasion. We've become friends, and showing the line to them was like showing it to a girl friend.

One of the first people I met with was Rachel at Women's Wear Daily. She is an incredible young woman who has enormous influence in the fashion industry. She walked in to view the collection wearing no makeup and still looked gorgeous. She had on what she calls "man-repeller" fashion - ripped jeans with a white T and the most incredible Helmut Lang fur jacket. Rachel was the one who encouraged me six months ago to really develop the idea of slicing pearls, which has become the signature of the new collection. We talked about everything from blogs to working out, all the while trying on and playing with the collection. I was smitten with her story about her parents. They are both schoolteachers in Brooklyn. A few weeks ago Rachel brought her mom to the city and her mom was wearing her last year's JBrand jeans, a Theory jacket AND a Jordan Alexander bracelet! I love that! She's an amazing young woman, and I'm so proud of her for what she is doing in this business and how she walks her walk. We had a blast, and I think she loved the Slice Collection.

Later, I met with Elissa, a former editor of a very respected publication. Elissa and I have been meeting over the last year since I launched the Jordan Alexander collection. She has been so supportive and has watched each evolution in the line. As I've been growing the line, she has been growing her career, making a huge move recently to Vanity Fair.

It is so amazing to see young, talented women like Rachel and Elissa believing in themselves and going for it. The fashion business can be so intimidating. It requires a certain fearlessness to do what they are both doing. You almost have to put blinders on and be so convinced of your own ability to be who you want to be, that you can't get discouraged in the pressure of it all. These girls have what it takes! They've totally got this!

Everything about this week has been amazing. From sharing my line with incredible women to just being in this amazing city, editor visits are one of my favorite parts of the business. As the designer of Jordan Alexander, I really love the work I create and I love the opportunity to promote the collection and share my vision with others who have a passion for design.

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