08/18/2010 12:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Great Conservative White-Out

I often cringe when liberals call Republican politicians racist. Sure, some random congressman from Texas may say something stupid once in a while, and their leadership is overwhelmingly white, but that alone doesn't make them bigoted.

This is precisely why this past year has been so mind-boggling. The Republican Party is effectively alienating every minority group in this country. And while big attendance at Tea Party rallies may look good now, the antics of Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailes will decimate the party of Abraham Lincoln.

As much as Bush was reamed out for his racial insensitivity during Hurricane Katrina, this movement is not his fault. The blunt truth is, blacks have and will continue to not vote Republican. Thank Ronald Reagan, Lee Atwater or, ironically, Lyndon Johnson for this.

No, the conservative right is now making a concerted effort to shut out anybody who's different. It's no longer just blacks and gays, but Mexicans and Arabs too. Take Archie Bunker and turn him into an entire political party, and you'll get a better idea of what we're dealing with.

I know I'll get flamed for this piece. People will say I'm pulling the race card and they'll be right.

But this "Ground-Zero Mosque" perfectly captures the growing sentiment of "Us vs. Outsiders" on the right side of the spectrum. I live twelve miles from New York City. I saw the smoke on 9/11 and know people who were in the twin towers at the time. This idea that some know-nothing congressman from 3,000 miles away can tell ME how New Yorkers feel, is ludicrous. How would you feel if you were a Muslim New Yorker who had a family member die in the World Trade Center right now? It's like these people don't even matter.

To those against the building of this place of worship, I offer you a question. Would you be against building a church adjacent to the Oklahoma City office building which was blown up by Timothy McVeigh? McVeigh was an insane, radical Christian just like the 9/11 attackers were crazy, radical Muslims. Only an idiot would blame an entire religion for the acts of individuals.
It reeks of arrogance, to think that antagonizing both Muslims and Latinos will not hurt in the long run. These groups may not dominate the Cable TV ratings or post inane comments on news websites, but they most certainly exist. The biggest state in the country will most likely be majority Latino within the next five years.

I feel for the Republicans who abhor these tactics. With the growth of the Tea Party movement, many moderates have been forced to choose between their morals and their careers, something I wouldn't wish on anybody.

The Democratic Party is far from perfect. They've made far too many mistakes over the past year and when they do something right they're often too scared to admit it. But when their rivals compare Muslims to Nazis, call their black president an alien and blame every conceivable problem on the Mexicans, they needn't worry. They'll be in power until the Republican's realize who the "real Americans" really are.