10/15/2010 03:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Never-Ending Saga of Brett Favre

It's all about Brett. Always has been.

The best running back in the league, Adrian Peterson, may disagree. Members of the best defensive line in the NFC may say different. Arguably the greatest vertical threat in football history, Randy Moss, certainly would not concur. And they're all wrong. The Minnesota Vikings are watching their season go down the toilet because of good old "number four," with cameras following every move.

The Vikings are 1-3. They lost to a Saints team that hasn't looked good all year, a Dolphins team where Favre turned the ball over four times and a Jets team that was doing their best to keep them in the game. Minnesota's only win has come courtesy of the Lions. Yikes.

Keep in mind; the Vikings have the number two-ranked defense in the league and the number three-ranked halfback in Adrian Peterson. Normally this is a blueprint for success. Not when "the old gun-slinger" is leading your team, apparently. Through four games, Favre has a QB rating of 67 and has thrown seven interceptions to five touchdowns. Quarterbacks with better ratings than Favre: Shaun Hill, Alex Smith and Bruce Gradkowski. Murderers row they ain't.

If this were just a legendary quarterback going through some end-of-career struggles than maybe Favre would get a pass. But no, this is the guy who made three of his teammates fly down to his Mississippi ranch and beg him to return this year. This is 2010's highest paid quarterback with a salary that could potentially reach $28 Million. This is the guy who refuses to give up the spotlight except as we've found recently, when it turns against him., the muckraking aggregate of the sports world, published pictures and voicemails last week that Favre allegedly sent to former Jets employee Jen Sterger. The pictures were of a penis -- thus chaos ensued, followed by calls for sexual harassment charges. There's been no admission of guilt on Favre's part but the combination of his silence on the issue and the damning evidence against him speaks for itself.

All jokes about this frisky grandfather aside, it's a sad but fitting development. Favre has a family who should never have to hear about things like this. Plus, this story could cast a dark cloud over a terrific career. Still, I'm baffled when I hear delusional Minnesotans bashing Deadspin or Sterger for this. More than most celebrity scandals, this is pretty clear-cut. Neither the website nor this innocent woman made Favre send these ridiculous pictures. Call it an ego thing or a lapse of judgment by an individual, not a plot to screw the Vikings.

The story serves as justice for many around the NFL. Over the past four seasons, Favre has continually put himself not just ahead of his teammates but the game itself. Brett has shown no regard for anyone but Brett. Besides messing with teammates and management, he has jerked the media around. Now the media is jerking him back (no pun intended). No slow southern drawl covers up the lack of respect Favre has for those who cover his sport. It's always been about Brett, those who don't like it be damned. Brett has discovered over the past two weeks that he should have stayed down in Mississippi. Everyone's still talking about Brett, but this time nobody cares what he has to say.