A Must Read for Anti-Bush Progressives

05/25/2011 11:55 am ET

You have probably already read this article, or at least heard about it. It's in the current Atlantic Monthly, and James Fallows makes the main-stream liberal case against the Bush "War on Terror" more effectively than I have ever seen it made. It's not so much that he says anything new. It's the way he brings out how much more damaging to the USA its overreaction to terror has been than terror itself. It's the way he makes Little George and his Manly Men look like blundering patsies, beset by rage and panic, falling into one trap after another.

I've heard that profoundly sensible point made many times - but Fallows strikes just the right tone. It's the rhetorical structure of the piece itself - the framing, as they call it these days. This piece is a veritable handbook for Democrats who need to make the case against the Bush War on Terror without "looking weak."

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