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A Question For Angry Hillary Supporters

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If the situation today were precisely reversed, if Hillary were in Barack's place and she were in his--what would you be saying about Florida and Michigan, what would you be saying about superdelegates overriding the popular vote, what would you be saying about electability in the swing states?

If you can honestly say that you would be arguing these issues the same way, even though they were working in Obama's favor--then OK. But if you know in your heart that you would be supporting the positions Obama is now taking simply because, under the terms of this thought experiment, they would favor Hillary--then contemplate the meaning of that fact.

It means that your anger is not really based on a violation of principle but on a disappointment of preference.

I hope Hillary's people will realize this, given a little time, and the best interests of our wounded and betrayed nation will prevail. We must not let this opportunity slip away.