09/29/2005 08:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Another Progressive Party Pooper Weighs In

Ok, Mr. Simmons and Mr. Bradley beat me to the punch but I just want to add my two cents on this. I was even going to use Mr. Simmons's "party pooper" phrase to lead off my post—but, Lordy, Lordy, guys—it's not just that Democrats "need leadership," as he puts it, or that they have "problems too," as Mr. Bradley puts it. It's that Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer that is both

1) cogent
2) effective

Rejoicing in watching the bone-deep cruel, selfish, and mendacious right dealt their just desserts is a forgivable indulgence, after all these years. But now the ball is coming over the net, it's headed towards us, towards nice and caring and inclusive people like us. It's heading into the "progressive" court. And, when it gets to us, it won't be enough to be so witty and mordant and angry and pure. When it gets to us we will have to seriously address giant problems—and there is NO philosophical consensus among us to sustain that historic enterprise. Zero. None.

What is going to happen (I so hope I am wrong, I so hope some magic "leader" will emerge to prove me wrong)—but what I truly think, in my cold and objective assessment of the situation, is this: the convenient mushy label "progressive," which we've been hiding behind during all these years of opposition, is going to unravel like a ball of static thread. The Nader people and the (original) Dean people and what's left of the old small "m" marxist left and all the pomo radical academic identity politics people and (on the other several hands) the Clinton people and the Biden and Bayh and Lieberman people (stay the course, more troops?!?)—well, this whole coalition of opposition is going to fall apart.

Because, you know why? Because nobody really understands what's going on anymore.

So nobody really knows what to do.

Everybody's guessing...

That's my honest opinion.

Good night and good luck...