06/19/2007 07:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Brit Hume's Lame Laugh

You know how he always ends his Special Report? After his crew of robot "All Stars" -- Mort Kondracke, Mia Liasson, Charles Krauthammmer, and Fred Barnes -- finish reciting their lines? He shows this supposedly funny clip for a few seconds which he leads into with "wait'll ya see this" and closes out with "that's it for this time, until next time, wishing you the best time" or some such alliterative nonsense.

But what I want the ENTIRE WORLD to focus on is the way he laughs as he does the closing line after the clip. I wish that BILLIONS of people would just tune into that. It says so much about the man and everything he represents. It's this very particular, very practiced, laugh. It shows how profoundly phony he is, but more importantly how utterly he lacks the forgiveness that animates authentic humor. The clip is usually the most bigoted and mean spirited moment on the whole show -- which is saying a lot. Compared to the rest of the various ways in which everything that show does adds its mite to the quota of hate in the world, that little concluding moment (Fox does Jon Stewart's "moment of Zen") is the most chilling.

But Brit goes into this chuckle. He just can't contain himself. He can barely keep his stone face straight. This one is just so gosh darn funny, folks, at least for us normal Americans. It shows, once again, as if we didn't already know, how un-American all these PC elite types are, and how ridiculous they are -- gosh can you believe this one? Brit just can't control himself. But every night he can't control himself in exactly the same way. The giggles and chortles just bust out through his most earnest efforts to remain serious. In exactly the same way. Night after night.

This evening (6/19) the little clip illustrated the aspirations of that 1994 air force gay bomb project that would chemically cause opposing troops to make love to each other instead of fighting.

I have watched a lot of Brit's closing laugh-fest moments, but this one propelled him to new levels of hilarity.

You could taste the hate.