Hillary Does the Right Thing in Tonight's Debate

02/21/2008 11:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

After that cheap and prepared remark about Obama Xeroxing words, which made her visibly uncomfortable even as she delivered it, Hillary came through big time at the end of this debate. The genuine relief, the authentic generosity of her basic motives, showed on her face as she reached out her hand to Barack and said something about being proud to be on the stage with him. It was her finest moment in a long, long time.

I blogged about this choice the Clintons had a while back. Whether to destroy the party in the name of their ambition, or go out with dignity and preserve the party's unity for November. I'm sure she will continue to fight through the next couple of weeks but I think, I hope, we saw her bottom line tonight.

Don't forget, she is married to the so-called "Man From Hope." Remember that contrived line from long ago? But tonight she was sitting next to the real deal. And she looked like she knew it. This bodes well for November.