08/14/2007 08:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I Want to Believe in Obama But...

My days of voting for Nader are over. Not that Obama is a Nader. Still, there's an aura around of him of radical alternative possibility. But I've had enough of radical conceits that say there is no difference between mainstream Republican and Democratic servants of corporate interests. Both parties are servants of those interests -- but in the world we live in now there is a real difference between them. Democrats are not delusional, they are not erotically cruel.

Because of that difference, I want a Democrat who can win.

I feel like members of the Republican base who are propping Rudy up must feel. They can't stand him for all kinds of reasons, personal and political, but they want to win and they are willing to betray their values in that cause.

I am starting to feel that way about Hillary. She is kicking ass. She is so smart and so tough, her operation is so smart and so tough. She is on top of her game and she shows no signs of flagging. She seems to gain energy as time passes. She looks like she can go the distance as they used to say in the fight game.

I could write a book about how much I hate what the Clintons did to the progressive left in this country during the 90s. I loath them for it. I have said so in print.

But when the big bell rings in November of 2008 who will have the guts and smarts to slug it out for 15 rounds and win in the end, no matter what? I want to believe in Obama. But, right now, Hillary looks like the warrior. Shall I hang my hankie on her lance?