Kucinich Backs Obama; The Huge Significance of That

05/25/2011 12:20 pm ET

Everyone needs to understand what this means. It means that Dennis, a real old fashioned anti--global corporate leftie, has decided to back Obama rather than Edwards, who got Nader's endorsement a few days ago.

Mull it over. That's huge. It means Dennis thinks that Obama can make a real difference in this world in spite of the fact that all his policy positions (excepting the original Iraq judgment) are closer to the Clinton position than they are to Edwards. That means he sees the transformative possibilities inherent in Obama himself, as person, as a symbolic figure -- as outlined in my last post.

Now it looks like Bill Richardson is going to go for Obama. That is also huge. It means he thinks Obama can win and he will get a plumb job when the time comes.

That's huge too. That combination of judgments says everything the voters need to know going into the caucuses tonight.