01/15/2007 08:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Memo to the Weather People

OK, so last week the temperature in New York City hit 72 degrees. There are buds on the trees and daffodil and crocus shoots poking out of the ground. There are robins hopping around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. This morning I saw some reporter in San Diego standing in front of the camera clutching her microphone in her mittens.

At what point do the people who run the various weather shows begin to feel a responsibility here? They report the sheer facts, but they continue to chirp and gurgle along about them just as they always have. The tone of "golly gee, how about this one folks" never lets up. They are starting to look like they're on the state run channel in Children of Men. Don't the people in charge of these formats realize that?

I'm not talking about delivering lengthy sermons about greenhouse gases. I'm just asking why they don't begin to use words like "weird" and "creepy" as well as "balmy" and "bitter"? After all, they don't hesitate to describe the ferocity of nature--hurricanes and tornadoes and mudslides and all that. They dote on all that stuff.

So why do they avoid characterizing the weather as downright eerie when in fact it is?

I think I know why, but I am curious about what others make of this vacuum in the official weather discourse.