05/23/2005 01:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

More from the Real World

I'm afraid the Democrats lost because they thought Kerry's war hero/war protester history would play as principled rather than as the mother of all flip-flops. Folks in the heartland can identify with a partying rich kid who ducks military service to have a good time and later finds a good woman and gets saved. Taking a stand against your country on the basis of your own opinion looks like self-important posturing by comparison. But Mr. Boyce is right about the deafening silence on foreign policy on the Democratic side today. Is it really because they think 2008 will be about domestic issues as that consultant suggested? Or are they just hoping it will be, all the while realizing, as I have suggested in a previous post, that future Democratic administrations will need those bases in Iraq and the various 'Stans? Maybe they are quiet now so as not to provoke the anti-war Dean wing by openly articulating the policy of liberal imperialism their idea of the "real world" is forcing upon them?