More on our Home-grown Christmas Heroes

12/06/2005 09:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What does this mean, do you suppose? What does it tell us about their frame of mind—I mean the “folks” (a separate post on the connotations of that expression forthcoming) on the right who seem to believe that they are taking some kind of a courageous stand when they organize to bully stores into pasting the word “Christmas” across the seasonal marketing orgy? It's just pathetic. So what's up?

Let’s budget for the fact that many of them are bullies by nature. There's an extra dimension to their swagger this time around. You know what I think? I think they’re very, very nervous. I think they’re scared. I think they feel the tide turning against them. Libby, DeLay and Abramoff, Murtha and Schmidt, the Duke-stir and his pals, the Saddam trial fiasco, the pension funds meltdown, the deficit, the prescription drug program that makes HillaryCare look like CandyLand, the 9/11 commission report card, Bush’s poll numbers, and Cheney’s—above all, of course, the Iraq quagmire (can we use that word yet?). There’s nothing of substance left for them to stand up for.

So they're striking defiant poses in front of Christmas trees.

But actually they're cowering behind them...