10/05/2005 10:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Must See TV -- The Barbara Walters Spina Bifida Benefit "Roast"

If someone offers me big bucks I will do a moment-by-moment analysis of this show. It will document a milestone in the history of Western decadence. Failing that, I leave it to you. Just watch this. Just watch it. I can’t find a link to the video, but here’s a reference to the event; all you skilled linkers can do the rest.

It’s unprecedented moment-by-cringe-causing-moment TV—and I’m not just talking about your cringes. They are cringing, all the speakers (sample: Karen Hughes, Mark Shields, Marc Cooper), every puffed up player at the audience tables is cringing. Barbara herself is cringing. The level of manifest embarrassment at the mere existence of this event at this moment in our history is unprecedented in my experience. I have never seen so many powerful people look so ashamed, all together, in one place. They look as if they are standing before the Lord on Judgment Day. And they are.

You gotta see this...