10/06/2007 08:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Power In Washington DC, Stripped Naked

I don't have the tech skills to link directly to video of the Clarence Thomas book party shown on C-SPAN2 this Saturday (10/6) around 8pm in NYC. But here's C-SPAN's link and description:

About the Program: Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams hosted a reception to mark the publication of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' memoir. In this program, viewers get an inside look at a Washington, DC party attended by many of the nation's leading conservatives.

Armstrong Williams is the African-American talk show host who was paid cash by the Bush administration to broadcast propaganda. That's an interesting choice to host Clarence's book party.

Shown in the video: Dick and Lynn Cheney squashed into Armstrong's kitchen along with most of the Supreme Court and some major senators. They are all sweating and talking and showing in ways only Proust could describe the truth about our civic life. Namely, that they are them -- and we aren't.

But that's just the beginning. The echoes go on and on. You must see the tape.