06/26/2007 06:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Richard Lugar Floats The Notion; Waiting For John Warner

Ok, so Richard Lugar isn't waiting until September. He knows there will just be more kick the can down the road PR then. The Bush plan is clear: leave the next president, of either party, stuck with this situation and force him or her (that's not just PC rhetoric this time!) to make it right (whatever that means) and leave Little George looking like Harry Truman in the history books--except he will have initiated a long war against Islamo-fascism rather than Communism.

So Lugar is getting out front on behalf of his colleagues, who are sweating out the 2008 election, wondering just how soon they can safely turn against the Bush Iraq policy. And the sooner the better, because the later it is the more they will look like they changed their minds to win votes.

We will know that Lugar's probe has landed if and when the ponderous battleship John Warner follows his lead.

But look. This is all bogus. Being against the Bush war policy is being redefined, amidst all this bloviating, as drawing down our troops, redeploying, all that stuff. Not leaving--continuing. In a different way. Withdrawing to bases. Over the horizon. Whatever.

The leading Democrats too, not just the Republicans. They are all planning to stay, one way or the other, indefinitely.

This will mean that Bush and Cheney and Wolfowitz and Pearle and Kristol and all the neocons win this thing after all. That's what they ultimately wanted. Permanent US occupation of the Middle East. And even though, on the surface, it looks like they're in total meltdown--the way things are playing out, they are going to get exactly that.