08/29/2005 04:34 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Senator Warner Sets the Tone

"The level of concern is, I think, gradually rising. Our nation has given so much to the Iraqi people, and what are they giving us in return?"
- John Warner, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee (NY Times, p.9 8/29/05)

There you have it. I’ve been expecting this theme to emerge. No one can make political expediency look like judicious gravitas better than Senator Warner. He’s showing the way once again. This is real leadership.

This will be the cover story. This is how the they will buy off the constituency they so cynically misled, pandering once again to the pride they pandered to in the first place—only this time, since we will be retreating in confusion with no mission accomplished at all, rather than invading in righteousness, mounted on engines of shock and awe—this time that pride needs soothing rather than inflating.

And so—incredibly—the nonexistent “Iraqi people” we conjured up to liberate we will conjure up to blame. For it is the American people who must be served. Their God-given right to feel good about themselves must be respected. And so the story will be told. In our greatness and our generosity we did our best to bring freedom to the Iraqi people. But they let us down.