01/31/2008 10:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

They Both Played It Safe. But Why? It Seemed Strangely Sincere.

Ok, I am going to be really naive.

Could it possibly be that Hillary and Barack were thinking about the welfare of the Democrats in November? Could it possibly be that -- so close to an honor and burden that only they, of all the people in the room, could understand -- could it be that they were feeling a real kinship with one another?

Either way, remember: whoever wins, it makes history. They both said that and they meant it. Because it's true.

So maybe, besides the fact that they had made a tactical decision ahead of time (I'm not that naive) to go in nice -- besides that, maybe they found, to their surprise, a bit of succor in each other's company as things unfolded and that lent an extra dimension of sincerity and warmth to the occasion. Maybe that feeling just came over them and moved them for those moments and produced that embrace at the end that looked pretty damn real to me.

Could that be? Maybe. It's lonely at the top, after all -- and they are both in sight of the summit.