02/25/2008 09:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

What Hillary Should Do In Tomorrow's Debate

OK, as I said the other day, Hillary ended the last debate with dignity. She showed a genuine commitment to something larger than a Clinton Restoration. But I understand why she has come roaring back since -- it sounded so much like a concession, she owes it to her supporters to put up a fight.

So I am giving her the benefit of the doubt on her Shame On You moment over those NAFTA and health care pamphlets. I even give her the benefit of the doubt on that REALLY shameful Obama in Somali garb photo.

Why am I giving her this break? Because this raging nun role she has decided to play for the last lap is not just not working -- it is turning into an ironic climax out of Greek tragedy. Hillary is being driven by circumstances to embody the very stereotype that has always haunted her.

So, in the name of Democratic unity, here is some advice for her. Here is how she should play it tomorrow night:

Get in a position to hold Barack's chair out for him as he goes to sit down at the beginning of the debate.

Or, when the Somali garb issue comes up, say something like now you know how I feel when people talk about my hair and clothes.

Stuff like that.

Be graceful, be funny...