Why Roger Clemens And Brian McNamee Became A Partisan Issue

05/25/2011 12:25 pm ET

Identity politics. It's everywhere. Not just gender and race among Democrats. In an age when most encounters in the public square take place through media representations -- it was bound to happen: every issue that comes along invites you to dwell on who you are rather than the issue itself.

Even steroids and HDH in baseball?

You betcha. We all saw it happen. The Democrats lit into Clemens and the Republicans went after McNamee.

Why? Roger was the Heartland Hero, the Rugged Westerner attacked by Agents of Big Government -- an American Icon in the clutches of the Nanny State. Brian was the Dependent Being, a Parasite -- and a Rat to boot, when the chips were down. See Roger, think Ollie North. See McNamee, think spoilsport whistleblower.

See them both -- and define yourself.