11/22/2010 06:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why Fight it Out in Court when you can Mediate it?

There is a woman with a secret in Los Angeles. She can talk down the most conflicted couples with just a conference table. Her name is Stephanie Maloney.

Maloney Combines her people skills with certification as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
and it is a winning combination. Take one hotly contested divorce, add one highly skilled mediator, and what do you have - couples that were once at each others throats are now able to sit at a table together and work out a financial agreement that they are both happy with.

That skilled mediator is Los Angeles' own Stephanie Maloney. Maloney was one of the first practicing divorce financial planners in the Los Angeles area. Maloney offers problem solving on a wide range of financial issues relating to divorce. With her new business venture, Los Angeles Divorce Solutions, Maloney brings conflict reduction and low-fee divorce answers to Los Angeles County. Early in 2010, Maloney created LA Divorce Solutions (

Maloney declares, "Couples use the Courts to work out their problems because many times that is all they know. We offer them an alternative to that time consuming and costly process." "Because I can talk them through it, people have referred to me as the "Divorce Whisperer".

Tapping on her years of experience, Maloney assists her mediation clients make solid choices for divorce settlement. She helps determine the short-term and long-term financial impact of proposed divorce settlements, offers valuable insight into the pros and cons of different proposals, and helps avoid the common financial pitfalls of divorce. Stephanie is also available for private coaching on financial issues, negotiating, and high conflict dispute resolution.
"Just last week, I was able to bring two hotly-contested divorcing parties to the table and bring about a solution," explains Maloney. "It's all about listening to what they are saying, observing their body language, and then talking to them - not above them."

Maloney believes that her work helps bring about amicable solutions to the problems at hand. Much like the dissolution of a business partnership, both parties can leave the table feeling as if they had achieved their goals and not depart adversaries, thus avoiding future conflicts.
Maloney earned her Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) credential from the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado in 1991. She completed the training with the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in 1999. Maloney has taken Collaborative Divorce Training™, completed 30 hours of mediation training in 2005 and 40 hours of divorce mediation training in 2007. In 2008, Maloney provided coaching for mediation training programs for Mosten Mediation, Peace Talks and an advanced program for Dispute Resolution Services, a nonprofit corporation of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. In 2008, Maloney became certified to teach the High Conflict Diversion Program™. The High Conflict Diversion Program™ is a resource for parents in high conflict divorce, offering strategies to help them reduce the conflict related to their custody issues.

Maloney is a member of the Institute for Certified Divorce Planners, the Association of Divorce Financial Planners, board member at large, Divorce Financial Mediation Group, Founding member, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Collaborative Practice California, delegate and board member, Collaborative Divorce Professionals Inland Empire, delegate to CPCal, Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, Collaborative Divorce Solutions Orange County, protocol committee member, Collaborative Divorce Educational Institute, Co-founder, Alternate Dispute Resolution Standing Committee of the State Bar-Family Law Section (Southern California), and Associate Member of the Los Angeles County Bar, American Bar Association, Associate Member.