12/17/2013 10:59 am ET Updated Feb 16, 2014

Butterfinger Made a Peanut Butter Cup, But Is It Better Than Reese's?


Every once in a while, some brave soul decides to take on a monster. Today, that brave soul is Butterfinger, and the monster is Charlize Theron. Just kidding -- it's Reese's.

That's right -- early next year, Butterfinger will release its very own peanut butter cup, and if Bart Simpson were relevant today, he'd probably say something about not having a grass-fed cow, man. And then about how you should never lay a finger on his Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup. And then be, like, watch my show, please.

We got four of our hungriest employees to give a full test of the new jack upstart versus the timeless candy-rack stalwart -- from unwrapping, through side-by-side tasting, all the way to a final take on which was more delicious.

Jenna, Account Strategist: "These are a really crazy shape. Definitely different from the peanut butter cup shape I'm so used to, but I think I can get behind it. Do you get more for your cup? If you get more for your cup, then I'm a big fan. You know those commercials when you were little where you make the glasses out of them? You probably can't do that with these."

Ken, Tech Lead, User Experience: "You definitely get more for your cup -- there's no way around it. No extra wrapper, and that's huge. Open and consume. I feel like there's a lot of people who forget to unwrap a Reese's and end up eating paper. Also these are perfectly manufactured, so there's no stuff on top. Mold technology has clearly increased in recent years.


Ted, Executive Editor, "Interesting. They're square-ish. Not sure how I feel about that. Did they legally have to make them square? It's like the Wendy's of peanut butter cups. And they're tapered -- it's like a Macbook Air. I don't like the fact that there's no paper wrapper. I feel like when I unwrap a Reese's, I'm the first person to touch it."

Andrew, New York Editor: "I like it, structurally. It looks cooler to me. I don't like that you probably can't play with it; since it looks more structurally sound, you can't push out the middle. I don't really care about the wrapper either way. No. I take it back. I like it without the wrapper, so, the Butterfinger. I feel like when I pull the wrapper off a Reese's, sometimes I lose some chocolate."

But what the heck does it taste like? Find out if it's better than a Reese's in the full story on!