Chelsea Manor: A Decked Out Club With Badass Bites

10/28/2010 11:04 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
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You can tell a lot about a place from its name -- Turtle Bay likely originated from the Dutch word "deutal" for the blade-like curve of the shoreline, and Broad Street had aaaaall the honeys. Being aaaall in Chelsea: Chelsea Manor.

The product of a pair of nightlife vets who dreamed of a place that would satisfy both discerning palates and partiers alike, CM -- named for the British Major's house that inspired the name of the entire hood (so meta!) -- has a modern take on ye olden style, with diamond-patterned teal wallpaper running from the front lounge (with giant retractable projection screen), through the elongated bar area, and into the cubbied dining room, whose ornate leviathan of a crystal chandelier hangs over white booths and tables made from luminescent cubes, so...hooray history! The list of nearly 30 "social plates" includes pulled wild boar brioche sliders w/ blueberry BBQ sauce, roasted oysters mounted with apple and salmon roe, lardon-studded crawfish cakes w/ black bean puree, and boursin-stuffed "Shumai" with a salami wrapper and a salsa of cantaloupe, though if you don't want everyone sampling it you better say it's for Us3. The smattering of dinner plates, meanwhile, runs from spiced short rib w/ gorgonzola & jalapeno polenta, to cumin/espresso chicken sided with smoked pumpkin puree, to apple-onion chutney'd bacon-wrapped bratwurst (considering it's wrapped in bacon, bratbest is probably more accurate).

Beverages'll be suitably party-inducing, with a selection of bottle/draft brews and bottle service abetted by annual fee liquor lockers and cocktails including a house-specialty martini called the Dirty Chelsea, a revealing name, as Miss Handler's the grossest of aaaall the honeys.

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