Classic Car Club: Access To The Cars Of Everyone's Dreams

03/03/2011 10:58 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


It's a scientific fact that the three easiest ways to get laid are to be rich, famous, or drive a sick car, the confluence of which explains why Jason Priestley can't even come up for air long enough to make a movie. To drive a fleet of cars that could make even you feel priestly, hit the Classic Car Club's new uptown location.

The second NYC offering from the Euro-bred private club known for its "staggeringly stylish fleet of vintage and modern classic cars", CCC's new UES carriage house is fronted by a club room decked with for-sale touches like a red Chesterfield couch and various "automobilia" like a chandelier featuring a steering wheel from a '65 Mustang, though how they get an aging Milton Academy alum to just hang there is still a mystery! The new showroom's driveable whips kick off with vintage badass-ness like a sea foam green 1955 550 Porsche Spyder, and a silver-with-black-racing-stripes '67 Shelby Cobra, the purchase of which would leave your bank account Gone in Sixty Seconds. They also rock more modern rides, letting you settle the eternal Italo-battle by cruising in a 2006 Lambo Gallardo, a 2005 Ferrari 430, and a fresh-from-the-factory 2011 Ferrari 458 in a metallic hue called Pazzi Blue, which ironically will make everyone else pazzi-tivey green.

As most clubs are wont to do, they also hold events that're accessible thanks to less-expensive "Social Memberships", from whiskey & wine tastings, to regular Thursday night happy hours, useful, as you're going to need that booze for the confidence to lie about being rich and famous.