08/27/2013 08:39 am ET Updated Oct 27, 2013

10 Bonkers Pizza Toppings We (Mostly) Want to Devour Right Now


Pizza: Even when it's bad, it's awesome. Interestingly, the same thing applies when you sub out "bad" for "totally freaking strange and I'm kinda scared now." Everyone's seen the crazy seaweed and eel pizzas they've got in Japan, but there are a ton of pies out there that sound even wilder, and are totally the kind of thing we'd eat all the time if the U.S. had universal healthcare.* Here are 10 of the very best:

*NOTE: Some of these countries actually do have universal healthcare, and people eat these all the time! See?!

CREDIT: Boss Lady Pizza
We're not asking what the people behind Boulder CO's Boss Lady Pizza were smoking when they came up with a breakfast pizza loaded with eggs, bacon, fried onions, cheddar, pico de gallo, and salsa verde. We're not complaining either -- we just wish it was a regular fixture on the menu.

CREDIT: Rose City Pizza
Because no one ever told the folks at Rosemont CA's Rose City Pizza that a NY-style pizza means thin crust, their Bronx Pastrami Pie boasts pastrami, pickles, mustard, and a smug superiority complex over Mets fans.

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