03/10/2011 12:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

SXSW Gets Designer Drugs: This Is Your Brain On Music


With SXSW poised to get its rock on, we sat down with NY's own Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson -- better known as the "punishing electro-industrial punk" band Designer Drugs -- to chat about the festival, third year medical school, and the couple banging it out in a nearby window.

You guys are based in NYC but finally made it to the Capital of America: Austin. What's that feel like?

Michael: God, yeah, I'm excited. I actually DJ'd there once, and, uh, it was cool. They had a snow machine and a black Santa Claus. It was the middle of the summer.
Any other acts at Southby you're excited to see?
M: I actually didn't even check out the lineup, so I don't know who's playing. But if Crystal Castles is gonna be there that'd be cool.

What's the longest you guys have ever played for?

M: We usually only play for an hour and a half. I don't really like to play for more than two hours, because I'm usually pretty wasted at the two hour mark.

So how are you...

M: Hold on one second...we've got a hotel right across the street and there's a hot naked chick but she just went away. [Hot naked chick returns] Oh sh*t look, there're two people having sex. Oh damn, look at that! Oh sh*t, she's about to ride it! Oh my god amazing. I think she's about to give this guy a blow-j. This happens occasionally, I've never seen anyone go at it like this, though. It's hard to see exactly what's going on. This is so funny. OK go ahead, sorry. Got a little sidetracked there.

If your music were an adult film, what would the plot be?

M: Oh man, I should know this. It would definitely be psychedelic, aliens...and human sacrifice. Maybe resurrecting people from the dead or something. Yeah, yeah....Sex Zombies.

So Theo, you're in medical school. In what field do you think people will be most comfortable seeing a doctor who is one half of a "punishing electro-industrial punk" band called Designer Drugs? And do you plan on hooking yourself up with free samples?

Theo: Probably anesthesiology. And I mean, I'll get samples from people, like drug reps come give you samples, but it'll be like blood pressure medication.

So...are they still having sex in the hotel over there?

T: Let me take a look...yeah looks like they're still going at it. Looks like the guy's getting a hand-j or something.

Nothing wrong with that.

T: There's a large age difference...might be one of those prostitute things. Michael's going to investigate right now.

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