Political Activism Turning Into Criminal Acts in North Carolina

11/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The political climate in North Carolina is reaching dangerous levels with disturbing reports of overzealous and misguided citizens crossing the line between activism and criminal acts. While many voters view this election as historic and significant, the state is split with regard to which candidate they support. There should be no reason that we can not have a civil political discourse to solve the problems facing our state and our country. Unfortunately, North Carolina has not fared well in behaving civilly this election cycle.

There are many degrees of inappropriate behavior in politicking, but the root cause of said behavior is holding the opposing party in contempt. We as a nation cannot truly progress so long as there exists a critical mass of partisan peoples who feel the need to demonize one another. This is not to say partisan politics are inherently bad, but blind partisanship that is driven by malice and contempt is a sad state of affairs and potentially dangerous.

Every election cycle we hear reports of political yard signs being stolen or vandalized. This election cycle is no different. The solution for many is to make another donation to their campaign of choice and replace the sign, recognizing that this minor offense is juvenile and ineffective.

Recently, North Carolina has been getting some bad press for much more notable offenses, although some would say it is the press that is bad.

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