10/23/2013 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 23, 2013

Interview: Charles Djou on Legacy, Serving in Congress and Afghanistan

Congressman Charles Djou sits down with me and answers some meaningful and fun questions about his life philosophy.

LUSSIER: Charles, what drives you?
DJOU: My faith in God, love of my family and belief in my country.

LUSSIER: Who is your favorite historical person and why?
DJOU: Winston Churchill. He led a fascinating life that not only shaped Great Britain, but the world. Most of all, Churchill stood firm in his principles and refused to bend to political expediency. Without his leadership and defiance of Hitler, the world would be a much different place today for the worse.

LUSSIER: What is your favorite hobby?
DJOU: My favorite hobby is reading, particularly non-fiction. I enjoy "meeting" people from history and learning how they dealt with the major issues and events of their day.

LUSSIER: If there was no monetary cost involved, would you go on the one-way trip to Mars?
DJOU: No. There are too many wonderful things on Earth still to experience and too many issues that still need to be confronted here. Besides, I am not good with motion sickness and I would be miserable on any trip to Mars.

LUSSIER: What is your favorite meal?
DJOU: Lunch. It is when I can talk things over with friends, get to know someone a little better or get business done. I have found that often the post productive things happen in Hawaii over food.

LUSSIER: What public figure do you most admire/respect and why?
DJOU: Former Congresswoman Patricia Saiki. Pat could have taken the easy path to power, but alone she challenged Hawaii's old-boy network in politics and for years she alone kept the hope for a two-party democracy in Hawaii alive.

LUSSIER: Who/what has been the biggest influence on your life?
DJOU: My wife who has been my best friend, sounding board and love of my life. Without my spouse and marriage I would be missing all of the very best blessings that have been given to me in life.

LUSSIER: Are there any parts of your life you would like to "do over"?
DJOU: No. Although like everyone, I have far better ability to see things in hindsight than in the future, I prefer not to live with any regrets. Certainly I would prefer not to have experienced losing a congressional campaign or combat in Afghanistan, but I wouldn't change or "do over" anything because it would change the experiences that have made me who I am.

LUSSIER: What do you want your legacy to be?
DJOU: Most of all I want to be remembered as a good husband to my wife, a good dad to my children and a bold leader for my community.

Thank you Charles.

Charles Djou Final Speech from the Floor of the U.S. House of Representatives:

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