Summer Nights, Steak & Sangria

07/26/2012 01:38 pm ET | Updated Sep 25, 2012

Rather than getting ready for back to school and Halloween, now is the perfect time to keep summer rolling. Enjoying a cocktail on the patio and eating fresh, seasonal foods is the perfect way to beat the heat waves in Los Angeles. Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar is embracing what's left of summer and providing just that.

Going to a dinner that has hundreds of food and drink options always makes me want to order everything and usually leads to awkward conversation with the server asking their opinion on what to order. Fleming's, however, eliminates that with their prix fixe summer menu. Every two weeks Fleming's offers a Summer Lovin' Steak and Sangria pairing that is so unique you'll be asking your server for the recipes.

Living in L.A., friends and family love to make last minute stops in the city and crash on your couch, making Fleming's the go-to place. Becoming a summer regular at Fleming's means you can go with your out-of-town guests, in-laws and co-workers and try different tastes of summer with Fleming's famous, like-butter New York Strip steaks. Trying their unique, refreshing salads, steak marinades and rich desserts turns a regular evening into a mini summer vacation.

Sangria can be refreshing, but drinking wine that is deluded with slices of fruit and juice has never seemed appealing to me. Fleming's ups the ante and makes their sangria with tequila, vodka or rum, a way, surprisingly, I have never tasted but now have every day with lunch.

Served in a goblet, for only $7.95 (cheaper than some L.A. bar's "Happy Hour"), that will last you the majority of your meal, the sangria is the perfect fix to cool down after a rough day of sitting in traffic and getting run off the road by tourist buses. Instead of throwing a BBQ in your own backyard and working all day in the kitchen, Fleming's arranges the perfect combination of salad, steak and dessert on their own patio.

I went to dinner to Fleming's downtown location and the establishment is unlike any other in L.A. Sitting inside at a booth or at the bar, I felt like I was in Las Vegas or New York City. The restaurant is elegant yet comfortable. Every table is placed perfectly to create a private, intimate setting. So private, I felt comfortable enough to tell my girlfriend the story of my aunt calling my family "trailer trash" at a family wedding.

It's time to cancel your potluck BBQ this weekend and tell those select friends to join you at Fleming's. For the rest of the summer, Fleming's is the perfect place to eat and be merry... And you'll become merrier with every glass of Sangria.