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Easter Ideas: 9 Egg-Dyeing Designs To Change It Up This Year (PHOTOS)

Easter is just days away, which means spring flowers, soft pastel colors and (of course) chocolate. Eggs are the most iconic symbol of Easter, but there are ways to make them extra special and out of the ordinary. I've put together my favorite Easter egg décor ideas, using traditional dyeing techniques as well as a few other tips that create a fabulous look that you can try this year.

A few of these ideas are in trend, while others represent spring in all its glory. You're sure to find something that fits your egg décor style below.

easter ideas
1. Dip-dying has been trending for some time now, but it's typically seen on wooden bowls or scarves. Courtney of Merriment teaches us how to create dip-dyed eggs, keeping Easter very chic. Pop over to Oh Joy for full instructions. Photography by: Katie Stoops

easter ideas
2. One way to put your own touch on Easter eggs is to add personal elements. Kim of The Celebration Shoppe found a way to get her boys interested in dyeing eggs by adding little ties and moustaches. It's easy to do, and the ties and moustaches can be easily changed to initials or other icons.

easter ideas
3. Crayons aren't what come to mind when one thinks of dyeing Easter egg, however they can be melted to create a "dyed" look. Melted crayon eggs are a fun activity for kids that requires little supervision. The best part is that there's very little mess! Head over to Come Together Kids for details.

easter ideas
4. Ombre is another trend that is here to stay for a while. The soft approach of a color starting at one hue and gradually transitioning to another is seen in both interior design and fashion. These ombre eggs will cause a stir at any Easter event and look fabulous on the table. Sugar and Charm teaches us how to get this ombre look easily.

easter ideas
5. The best activities for kids are those that don't require tons of instructions and are easily to clean up. These tissue paper eggs can be created easily and fairly quickly, with little to no mess! This method creates bright, colorful eggs and kids and adults alike can have fun while making them. Thanks Connecting Family and Seoul for thinking this up!

easter ideas
6. These doily stenciled eggs scream Easter! After using traditional dying methods Suzonne of Urban Comfort used doilies and paint to stencil patterns on the eggs, creating a soft, spring look. Follow the directions on Urban Comfort and you'll be the envy of all your friends!

easter ideas
7. If you aren't a pastel lover you may want to think about dying your eggs in bold Rainbow colors. Melissa of No. 2 Pencil details how to achieve these solid, bright colored looks.

easter ideas
8. Silhouette eggs take a few more minutes to create than solid colored eggs, but the extra time is worth it. With just a few additional steps Easter eggs can go from standard to fabulous. Follow Le Paper Studio's directions for gorgeous, chic silhouette eggs.

easter ideas
9. If you're looking for a natural way to dye your eggs, Kaley Ann has a solution for you. While in an Easter pinch, Kaley Ann created colorful dyes using natural ingredients like cabbage, beets, coffee, turmeric and more. Pop over to Kaley Ann Photography for more natural dye ideas and instructions.

If you want even more Easter ideas, check out our our board on Pinterest and be sure to click through our slideshow below.

Easter Ideas

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