07/23/2012 11:50 am ET | Updated Sep 22, 2012

The Colorado Massacre

It's a shame that James Holmes seems to have been in a position to allegedly kill and injure so many people during the premiere of the Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado. Everybody keeps talking about James being a loner and no one thought to check on this young man. History should teach all of us that people labeled as loners are the ones most likely to commit selfish acts of violence like James Holmes allegedly did. There is a long list of loners like Timothy McVeigh, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Speck, and Ted Bundy just to name a few. James Holmes supposedly thought that he was living a fantasy by taking on the character of the Joker from the Batman movie and now several families have been torn apart due to this senseless tragedy known as the Colorado Movie Massacre.

Violence has become the norm throughout the world and we should always strive to do better in the area of addressing violence as a Public Health issue. There was no way to predict that James Holmes might become an alleged killer. However, with the right public education message being disseminated throughout the world, educating families and people about violence being treated as an infectious disease that transfers from one person to another or from one group to another, the word could get out in a major way. You never know how this message could really help someone on the edge. The label "loner" could also be an indication that a person needs help understanding the world.

James Holmes may never really understand how his potential actions have rocked the nation, nor the collateral damage that has been caused due to his alleged decision to live in a fantasy world. How do people get filled with so much hatred for other human beings? We should take a good look at the Colorado Massacre and study the concept of people being loners. We should identify ways to stop events like the Colorado Massacre from occurring in the first place. It's not easy trying to cope with the loss of a loved one and my heart goes out to the families that have been personally impacted by the alleged actions of James Holmes.

There should be a big push across the United States to introduce the right curriculum in schools and colleges to help educate people about violence as learned behavior, the same way we have very effective campaigns to educate people about safe sex, the dangers of smoking cigarettes and how second-hand smoking could damage your health. Everybody has a role to play in regards to helping the next human being, and if one person fails there is a chance that many people can be affected, like what just happened during the Colorado Massacre. Let's band together to make America a safer place for all of the citizens of this great country. It's our job as leaders to teach the next generation that violence is unacceptable behavior.