11/14/2011 10:35 pm ET | Updated Jan 14, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Message to all of the Working Class People in the World

I would like to thank all of the great people that help contribute to the world on all levels. Oftentimes, people forget what it takes to produce in one's field of work. For example, all of the law enforcement officials that do their best to serve and protect, members of the fire department who run into burning building to make sure that no one is in danger, doctors who save lives on a daily basis, engineers who continue to come up with innovation ideas to help advance humanity, car salespersons who try to earn their living by selling vehicles, faith based leaders that help people keep the faith, waiters and waitresses who make sure you get served on time, elected officials that continue to pass laws to help the country, professional athletes that keep us entertained along with the entertainers of the world, and all of the everyday people who get up every morning or night to make a way for their families across the world.

Some people take it for granted when they receive a hot meal already prepared or their paycheck in an envelope or by direct deposit. Someone had to make sure you received your pay. All of the people in the world that take care of animals and help to feed the hungry. There is a place in the world for everybody. This includes the rich people, poor people, mentally disturbed people, drug addicted people, and people with multiple issues.

It's time to stop criticizing and begin the healing process by thanking the billions of people around the world. People make the world go around. Every time you take a flight for one hour or twenty hours someone had to make sure that the plane was secure on all fronts and the air traffic controller's made sure you landed safely. It would be a tragedy to forget all of the sacrifices people make for others to survive.

The world is constantly changing and it's up to the next generation to keep the world going in a positive direction. Think about how far the world has come from the 20th century. The world has had its share of bad times and some people have tried to play God in the past. However, good always seems to triumph over evil and the good spirits help pave the way for generations to come. You are truly blessed if you are in a position to take care of your family. Be content with your own lot and no one can be first in all things. Everybody plays a role in the overall scheme of things on the planet earth. Always remember your teachers, mentors, mothers, fathers, counselors, coaches, dentist, and all of the special people in the world. In conclusion, I just want to say "thank you" in the most sincere way on behalf of all the good people who share the Planet Earth. Peace and Blessings!