A Message from Missouri

12/02/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When this election is finally over, after I've finished writing my long heartfelt thank you note to Sarah Palin for all she has wrought (Oh my god, thank you Sarah! Thank you! Go ahead, keep the clothes as a consolation prize!) after I'm done rewatching the incomparable genius of Tina Fey (Oh my god Sarah Palin, thank you for saving 30 Rock! You Rock!) after I'm done sniggering over every strategic blunder and gaffe by Team McCain, and after all my snarky, pathetic, obnoxious gloating has finally subsided (as my friend Doug often says, I'm a bad loser and a worse winner) what I will actually remember best is one simple commercial.

This message from a humble Missourian has an honesty to it that cuts to the core of why this election is so special, why this decision of ours is so important for America.

We have come to a crossroads and now it seems we are truly being called, each individually and as a nation collectively, to bridge the divides that have long torn us apart. There is no laughing here, no parody, no gotcha moment, there's nothing but the small, true notion that with this historic election we can grow to be something more than we were before.

I encourage all to watch it and pass it on.

(and bonus points if you pass it on to someone in Missouri where, according to, McCain is now only ahead by less than half a percentage point! This in a state Bush won handily with 53 percent.)

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