08/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Alert: Redneck Nation's Making a Power Play

This week those classical paragons of state's rights, the august senators of Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, etc, have all lined up behind something called the Thune Amendment, a bill which -- of course -- tramples all over state's rights.

Now why would they do such a hypocritical thing? Especially at a time they are fighting so hard to strengthen those very same god-given sovereign state's rights that protect them against gay marriage, the EPA, and a host of other pinko communist godless lesbian causes?

Well, because the Thune Amendment is a gun bill.

Introduced as an amendment to Defense Authorization bill (S. 1390,) the Thune amendment would allow the carrying of loaded, concealed firearms outside a person's home state, even by persons legally barred from possessing guns in the state where the carrying occurs.

So if they won't let you carry a gun in New York but they will in Wyoming, you just go get yourself a gun license in Wyoming then pick up your weapon, carefully conceal it, and head on back to uppity ol' New York. That'll show em!

This legislation would effectively allow the weaker concealed carry laws of one state to nullify the restrictions on gun carrying of other states. And it is expected to be voted on tomorrow.

This is serious and it's part of a growing trend. According to a statement from Seattle Mayor Greg Nickles, the president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, "efforts to provide for the safety of their residents are actually losing ground in the face of an all-out, across-the-board assault on gun safety on Capitol Hill. Currently, the gun lobby is not just opposing common sense laws, it is pushing members of Congress to offer amendments to legislation that will make it easier for criminals and others who shouldn't have access to guns to acquire them and use them."

So instead of whiling away the day all curled up beneath your "Vote for Change" quilted comforter while blissfully staring at your "Yes We Can" bed-slippers, if you care anything about protecting your state from the likes of Senator Thune, it's time to kick it into gear and contact your Senator immediately.

The message is: "Please oppose the Thune Amendment." For more info, see:

To be connected to your Senator, call 202-224-3121. Or go to and type in your zip code (in the box on the right).

These guys won't stop so we can't either.