CBS Launches "C.S.I." Network

05/21/2006 05:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

-additional reporting by David E. Brown.

NEW YORK- C.S.I.'s expansion from its initial Las Vegas success to new franchises in Miami and N.Y. has led to even bigger changes. Last Friday during the C.B.S. upfront announcements, President Leslie Moonves announced plans for the new "C.S.I. Network", a cable offering that would give viewers a broader range of storylines with twelve different shows airing seven nights a week. Fans immediately celebrated. Adding to the buzz, Bruckheimer Films allowed fans the opportunity to download a sample of the shows' pilot scripts from the new network's webpage. Here are excerpts:


Longenall: It weren't Northern troops that did it.

Dumphrey: It weren't?

Longehall: Look at the red mud in his beard, that's from McCraken Creek.

Dumphrey: Dang.


Monney: What did his blood work turn up?

Splars: We found traces of heroin, P.C.P., amyl nitrate, ecstasy, crystal meth, wellbutrin and about 20 cc's of lighter fluid.

Monney: Okay, well, just keep looking.


Lars: Rock.

Thog: Big rock.

Lars: Mmmn.


Dolittle: How long was the cat on the curtain?

Morris: Could have been weeks.

Dolittle: If only she could have hung in there a little longer.


Parker: He didn't see the light?

Lawton: You'd think he would have seen the bus.

Parker: Some people only learn the hard way.


Ivan: Where is Kropelnokov?

Josef: There was never a Kropelnokov here.

Ivan: Yes, of course, sorry, I forgot.


Akbar: It might have been the hummus.

Omar: It might have been the 15 pounds of explosives.

Akbar: I was kidding, Omar. Of course it was the explosives.

C.S.I./ J.F.K.

Paxton: He was ranked at the bottom of his Marine unit in marksmanship, and you're telling me he could hit that? From here?

Hollis: Doesn't add up, does it.

Paxton: It never does.

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