03/13/2008 06:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton Says, "Barack's Ready... For Number Two!"

Combating questions as to how she could speak of the "Dream Ticket" of Clinton/Obama while simultaneously insinuating that Obama is ill-prepared for higher office, Senator Hillary Clinton announced today that Barack's recent wins in Wyoming and Mississippi had more than proved his capabilities as a vice-president contender. "To be honest," she said, "when this race started I didn't think he had the stuff. But now that he is soundly beating me, from Iowa to North Carolina, from Alaska to Minnesota, I have to say I would be very proud to have him as my Veep."

Clinton trails Obama by an estimated 100 delegates. He's won 27 states to her 16. "Obama's a fighter." She said, "This nation needs a fighter. White, black, male, female, we all need a fighter like Obama. And I think he will do great in the vice presidential debates against Huckabee." She also pointed out that he defeated her by large margins in many southern states, "I mean, frankly, he kicked my butt. I could use that kind of fire power come November."

"It's not easy to run a 50 state political operation, to inspire the student vote, to reach across color lines and tired prejudices, to give people hope for a better tomorrow. Obama's done a neat job with that. He may not be ready for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but I think he's more than ready for Number One Observatory Circle." When asked what kind of vice president Obama would make, she said, "I'm sure he'd be right up there with the greats, Elbridge Gerry, Henry Wilson, Garret Hobart." When a reporter pointed out that each of those Vice Presidents died in office, Senator Clinton appeared shocked.

"All I'm saying is that when people look at Obama, they don't see a tortured political machine, they don't see triangulation and big money, they see something very different. Maybe it's optimism, I don't know. But I would be proud to bring some of that stuff, whatever it is, into our campaign."