"Make Levees, Not War" Success Story

05/25/2011 11:50 am ET

Here's a nice little win for those who believe that investing in our infrastructure makes more sense that investing in foreign intervention:

Thanks to everyone who bought the first wave of "Make Levee Not War" t-shirts, lady style t-shirts, coffee cups, and bumper stickers, we got our first nice big fat check from Cafe Press and immediately donated $1,000 to Direct Relief International, $1,000 to The New Orleans Foundation and $1,000 to the American Friends Service Committee, with an additional donation $500 being sent off to The Baton Rouge Foundation, who had supported The New Orleans Foundation throughout the crisis. Over $3,500 in donations in all so far, not bad. And we have even more money coming in to donate as the momentum just keeps on rolling.

Despite our initial concerns that our little idea wouldn't make it past the first news cycle in September, interest in the slogan continues. Probably because the Bush Administration's incompetence continues. Since November 1st we have sold hundreds of other "Make Levee Not War" items, with the vast majority of the sales going to people in Louisiana. The phrase even showed up in a report on protests in New Orleans this weekend, (granted perhaps not inspired by our efforts, it's not the most original pun in the world, but it's nice to see it still has resonance.)

Since it's sort of last minute gift buying season, it seems like a good time to remind you all of these handy items. This season, donations are going to The People's Hurricane Relief Fund & Oversight Coalition, an organization that is fighting to rebuild New Orleans the right way, with an emphasis on economic justice and grassroots organizing. Check out their website at and then, if you want something for your momma or the lil' ones, there's a tank top that will look really nice at

Pass on the word.

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