11/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Power of Protest

My heart sank when I saw the thousands out protesting health care reform in the Washington today. While I would love the idea of us joining the rest of the civilized world with a policy of universal health care, I now know this is just a dream. Thanks to that protest, nothing will happen.

Don't believe me? Ah, how people forget. Do you not remember that fateful day, on Februrary 15, 2003, when not just "thousands" but hundreds and hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets to protest the invasion of Iraq? And not just in D.C. but in cities all over the world. Don't you remember that?

We sought mediation, we sought a peaceful solution, we sought any alternative but the "shock and awe" of missiles and arms and death that the White House had promised were on their way.

And guess what, we did it! We stopped the war!

George Bush watched the news all day and listened to NPR and then he and Laura had that famous "Late Night Cookie Chat" about it, and that's how we avoided getting embroiled in one of the worst planned and worst executed military actions in the last thirty years.

I am sure that is exactly what inspired the riders of the Tea Party Express and Dick Armey's army of Freedomworks soldiers to get out there with their own protest today.

Sure, they didn't have nearly the numbers. But they know there is nothing like a good foot stomping, saber rattling protest to turn things around.

They remember how, together, we collectively stopped George Bush from causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people and wasting billions of our hard earned tax dollars. And they know that -- by using these same techniques against us -- they can keep Barack Obama from helping thousands of innocent people and putting tax dollars to good use.

So we may as well put our hopes and dreams for national health care reform in the old recycling bin, because it's over. Those protesters beat us at our own game.

Touché, my fine opponents. Well played. Very well played.

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