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Six Steps to Saving The X Factor

(0) Comments | Posted December 10, 2012 | 4:16 PM

It's been a rum year for ITV's rendered pop factory due to dwindling audiences, an uninspiring line-up of contestants, and North Korea's ruling elite slamming Louis Walsh's decision to not take Poisonous Twin into the live shows.

All dear old X needs are a few changes to pep up the...

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I'm sorry, Homeland, but we're through...

(1) Comments | Posted November 22, 2012 | 9:44 AM


I know I've been a bit distant of late, but I've been trying to work things out in my head. It's been such a mess and I've come to the only conclusion I can think of. It's the only decision I think makes any sense.

I think you know...

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Stage Your Own Derren Brown's Apocalypse

(0) Comments | Posted October 24, 2012 | 6:01 PM

Other than lamping a neighbour round the chops with a cricket bat or building a nest in a shopping centre like a Borrower with a pituitary disorder, there is an easier way to experience a zombie invasion.

For the one chap convinced by Derren Brown that the world has ended...

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Five Ways to Survive The Walking Dead

(0) Comments | Posted October 17, 2012 | 6:26 PM

There was a time in horror when survival of the fittest meant the only the most attractive outlasted the reaper's minions. The egalitarian devastation of The Walking Dead (FX, Friday 10pm) means blade-sharp cheekbones are no defence against hordes of the undead.
But it's not all bad news (although...

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