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Todd Patkin
Todd Patkin grew up in Needham, Massachusetts. After graduating from Tufts University, he joined the family business and spent the next 18 years helping to grow it to new heights. After it was purchased by Advance Auto Parts in 2005, he was free to focus on his main passions: philanthropy and giving back to the community, spending time with family and friends, and helping more people learn how to be happy. Todd lives with his wonderful wife, Yadira, their amazing son, Josh, and two great dogs, Tucker and Hunter.

Blog Entries by Todd Patkin

9 Golden Rules For A Lasting Marriage

4 Comments | Posted December 29, 2011 | 13:58:02 (EST)

As a newlywed, it's hard to imagine that your marriage could ever end as another statistic fueling our country's high divorce rate.

After all, when you first met "The One," you were head-over-heels-giddy-in-love (I know I was), and that magical feeling lasts for a while. But...

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15 Things I Learned From My Nervous Breakdown (And How They Can Help You Start Living Your Best Life Now)

9 Comments | Posted December 2, 2011 | 13:57:58 (EST)

When I was 36 years old, I was successfully leading my family's auto parts business, I was well-respected by my community, I had a wonderful wife and son... and I also suffered a nervous breakdown. Yes, at that point in my life, I enjoyed what I did and was truly...

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