Damn Yankees!

01/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Damn Yankees!

I'm a Red Sox fan and watching the Yankees spend almost $250 million dollars last week on two of the best free agent pitchers in baseball was hard to watch. Then today as I was reading that the Yankees were not finished spending millions on ballplayers (they still want Mark Teixeira and maybe even Manny!) I got the following letter in the mail from Legal Services NYC:

Let us summon a new spirit of ... responsibility where each of resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves, but each other."

President-Elect Barack Obama, November 4, 2008 Chicago, IL

Dear Friend of Legal Services NYC:

If there are two words that define 2008, they are Hope and Hurt.

This historic election we just witnessed has by all accounts created hope for many around the world. However thousands of people throughout all five New York City boroughs continue to live in a world of hurt.

As you set your year-end financial priorities, we ask for your generous support so that Legal Services NYC may continue to be a beacon of hope for those New Yorkers who are hurting the most - and vitally need our services.

They are the people who are unjustly evicted from their apartments. They are the victims of predatory lending scams struggling to save their homes. Some have lost their minimum-wage jobs and need assistance filing for unemployment. Others have been denied essential government benefits and basic services and require our help in reversing these decisions. And the list goes on...

Barack Obama's election night challenge to " ...look after not only ourselves, but each other" does a good job describing what public interest lawyers at Legal Services NYC do every day. Whether or not we are entertained by ballplayers you have to admit something is wrong when one player can sign a contract for four times the annual budget of Legal Services of NYC.

So today instead of ranting about the Yankees trying to buy another pennant I'm putting aside baseball rivalry and helping "the damned Yankees," the thousands of urban poor that Legal Services NYC fights for every year. I hope you join me by donating what you can to Legal Services NYC.

And for those of you interested in how pay in the sport's world has gotten out of control check this column by the Boston Globe's Bob Ryan.