11/08/2006 03:31 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

America to Bush: STFU

Yesterday America stood up and told Bush, "Stop it. Shut up. We think you're an idiot. We think you're a moron. We're sorry you got the job. You are not the king. You are a dumb jock frat boy, and you always will be. You will now stop all this shit, immeditately. We voted yesterday and threw your boys out of Congress. If you don't want us coming after your own ass, you will sign what we pass and change your ways."

Yesterday we spoke. We reduced the Universal Presdient to the Little Boy President. A slap in the face. A kick in the ass. A rejection. A repudiation of a President who has embarassed us before the world, put our safety at great risk, and perverted the constitution he swore to uphold.

You wouldn't listen to reason, Bush. You behaved like a crazy person. You allowed yourself to be led around by the nose by dangerous lunatics. You're to be pitied.

We have spoken.

Get out of our face, we have adult work to do.