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Clinton Nomination Nightmare

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I had a nightmare about what happens if Clinton gets the nomination.

I can recall all of it.

On election day, the Hillary/Bill haters on the right and in the middle don't vote for her.

The black folks who have watched Barack Obama viciously attacked? They stay home.

The progressives, having watched Clinton win using Republican tactics and not forgiving her for voting for the war and destroying the hope Obama brought? They stay home.

Having been disgusted by every aspect of Clinton's campaign, I stay home.

The result? Hillary Clinton gets John McCain elected president.

Another generation of young voters has had it proven to them that participation is futile.

McCain inherits the mess that Bush has wrought, takes the blame and is too old to run again.

Clinton becomes a discredited, vilified and despised creature.

Obama is elected president in 2012 but it's too late.

In the meantime, millions of us suffer the economic ruin Bush has wrought and McCain has continued. Remember, he doesn't really understand economics, so the same Republican leadership continues to rule.

Global warming goes unchecked. Millions suffer from lack of health care.

My nightmare might have been from something I ate but I'm glad my Oregon primary in May will count.