02/02/2007 01:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Harold & Kumar Go To Jail In Boston---For WHAT?

How funny was it to hear those self-righteous reporters at the "news conference" held by Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, the two guys who pranked the city of Boston?


Very very.

Gave me faith in the power of silliness.

First of all, they were obviously told by their lawyer not to talk about the case. So what do you do if you're creative, hold a certain contempt for MSM and have been told to shut up? You ACT up. You talk about hair. Dreads, especially.

The New York Times said that "the men engendered little public sympathy when, after their release, they held a news conference at which Mr. Berdovsky said they wanted to discuss 'haircuts in the '70s and how they affect our lives today and how we live in the future.'"

Wrong. They engendered lots of public sympathy (and giggles) from people like me who understand what a prank is, and that somebody grossly overreacted in Boston, thinking that stupid little ad boxes were bombs.

According to the NYT, a spokesperson from the offending company. "said that the company had intended the devices as unconventional advertising in 10 cities, including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. She said the light boards had been in place for two to three weeks and there had been no complaints from other cities."

A Boston official said, "Maybe the media wants to take this lightly and ask foolish questions -- they can do that, but we're going to take this seriously."

And now Boston wants to jail Harold and Kumar for putting up stupid little boxes to advertise a goofy cartoon series. Further, the media continues to excoriate the boys for playing with them at the news conference.

Somebody needs to lighten up, starting with the City of Boston and its media.