07/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Iran and the Death of MSNBC as a News Source

While the world was watching the conflict in Iran, MSNBC was showing you cop video and convicts. When they did bother to take a stab at it, they offered the usual political hacks arguing and vomiting talking points.

OK, they bill themselves as "The Place for Politics." They never said they were a source of news. But they disgraced themselves this weekend by ignoring the biggest story in the world.

And when I turned them on this morning, I compared the beet-faced Joe Scarborough and his meanness to the voice of a nineteen year-old Iranian woman live on CNN who had been beaten and was in the middle of a war.

All of a sudden MSNBC fell off the map. Even Fox was better. Even Fox.

CNN won hands-down. No competition. No attempt at competition from MSNBC. Yes, I'll watch Rachel Maddow tonight and skip through the endless anti-Republican snark. Many progressives are avoiding Keith Olbermann altogether because there is no news on his program, just endless coverage of what the Republican party is doing, clips of Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney like any of that was relevant to anyone in the real world.

Many folks have laughed at CNN's use of social media over the past few months. Indeed those who did and who also criticized Twitter for being trivial have egg on their faces today.

But none more than MSNBC.

Hardball led with a subway accident in DC. LED with it and then went to political hacks arguing.